Friday, February 29, 2008

Shark feeding questioned after attack

Ask any shark diver why they do it and the answer is quick and simple — the thrill... But some say the search for a thrill has gone too far: baiting the water with bloody fish parts and getting face-to-face to the most aggressive species without cages or protective gear. An Austrian tourist on this kind of dive was fatally bitten by a shark this week.

Bans on feeding sharks in Florida and federal waters have pushed some shark diving companies to the Bahamas, about 50 miles off the coast, where 49-year-old Austrian lawyer Markus Groh's tour took him Sunday. He was bitten on the leg and died a day later.

Critics liken the practice to feeding bears or any other wild predator, and say the more contact sharks have with people, the more likely they are to attack.

No shit! Same thing applies to squirrels in the park too. They may look cute, but beware!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

No Shit Red Carpet Question

Asked of "La Vie en Rose" star Marion Cotillard:

"Now Edith Piaf... she died before you were born. Did you know anything about her?

Um, gosh no! Things happened before I was born? Tell me, oh wise interviewer, about this thing you call history.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

No Shit Sports Headline of the Day

An NFL player, rich? No shit!
A fourth-round draft choice in 2003, he signed a four-year contract that included a $312,500 signing bonus. Including other bonuses and his base salaries, Samuel earned approximately $2 million over the contract, according to NFL Players Association figures
What they should have said is that he is going to be richer. Let's keep things in perspective, shall we?