Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Pain lasts long after traumatic injury: study

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A surprising number of people -- more than 60 percent -- still suffer significant pain a year after a traumatic injury in a car crash or other cause, showing the need for better pain treatment, researchers said.

In a study published on Monday in the journal Archives of Surgery, researchers tracked 3,047 patients ages 18 to 84 from 14 U.S. states who survived an acute traumatic injury.

A year after the injury, 63 percent reported that they still experienced pain related to the injury, with most having pain in more than one region of the body.

How is this surprising? Injuries take a long time to heal? No shit!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Cheap traffic whoring

Pun intended.

And this just in! A twenty-two year old woman who can get away with charging several thousand dollars a day for her company looks good in a bikini.
photo courtesy REUTERS/myspace.com

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Cuban soccer officials stunned by desertions of up to 7 players from under-23 team in Tampa

HAVANA (AP)—Cuban sports officials were stunned Thursday by the desertions of up to seven soccer players in Florida and were unsure how it would affect the under-23 team.
No shit? Only seven?

No truth to the rumour that Elian Gonzalez is desperately trying out for the U-15 team. However, Maykel Galindo's couch is fully booked for a while.